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Maricel Sanchez: After a course of taking the remedy, i can even do the splits!


Maricel Sanchez
Now I'm as active and energetic as when I was young!

Today we will tell you an interesting story about miracles that sometimes happen. However, the truth is that behind them often lies not magic, but the latest advances in science. Our correspondent interviewed 80-year-old Maricel Sanchez, who has long suffered from joint osteoarthritis of the knees. Thanks to modern techniques, she can do splits and the lotus pose! The elderly woman now looks good and, to emphasize her energy and vitality, has agreed to be interviewed!

Maricel Sanchez was born in the capital during the Japanese occupation. She is a typical pensioner. After high school, she graduated from medical school and worked as a nurse. But then she got married and went to live with her husband in his hometown village. Like any rural woman, she had to take care of her family and home.

Even if one has very good health, with age, hard work wears out the body. Making sure her children and husband are fed, working in the fields during the rains and under the scorching sun takes its toll on her well-being.

Different illnesses occur, but her joints bother her the most. This happened to our heroine, too.


Gradually Maricel Sanchez began to have problems with her knee joints. They began to swell, it was more and more difficult to walk, and every step caused unbearable pain. For some time the woman struggled with this problem. She went to specialists (as much as she had time and money), took medications as recommended by them and drank different decoctions. But her health condition kept getting worse and worse. Every step was like a test of her courage, she even cried from the pain. At the age of 70, she stopped fighting and gave up. Most of the time she was forced to lie in bed. She got up only when it was absolutely necessary.

"I no longer had the strength to endure this torture," the woman confessed. "I wanted to die."

Of course, her family did not leave her alone with her illness. They took care of her, did the work she used to do. Growing up, the children also thought of a way out of a difficult situation: endoprosthesis of the knee joint. However, when the son found out how much the surgery would cost, he got very upset. The family's savings would not have been enough for the surgery!

"I didn't have that much money. Besides, I was afraid to have an operation. After all, I'm 75 years old, a serious age. I decided just to leave it alone," Maricel Sanchez recalls.

And then something happens that Maricel Sanchez still considers a miracle. She learned from a neighbor that a man whose father she used to work with when she was a nurse had moved in nearby. It turned out that her acquaintance's son had become a major specialist in joint health. People go to him with all kinds of problems: osteoarthritis, arthritis, etc. And that to help these people he uses a miracle cream that helps a person in a wheelchair get back on his feet for a month. For example, he helped a relative of her neighbor, who had been in a wheelchair for ten years because of ankle problems.

"I immediately asked my daughter to contact this man and ask him to help me, a former colleague of his father, and he agreed to help me," recalls Maricel Sanchez.

Then a real miracle happens. This specialist met with Maricel Sanchez. Passed on greetings from her father, telling him that he still remembered what a responsible worker she was. From that day on, he came to Maricel Sanchez every day to lubricate her knees with a special cream. After four weeks, she was able to get up from her wheelchair and walk out of her room to meet a specialist. By herself, without assistance! After six weeks, Maricel Sanchez's joints completely stopped bothering her.


Left: X-ray of the right knee by Maricel Sanchez, 75 years old. Cartilage tissue was almost completely destroyed. The experts recommended replacing the joint with a prosthesis.
Right: X-ray of Maricel Sanchez's right knee after taking ARTEX.

But this is not all!

You know, after this cream I felt that my legs are as strong as before. That I am full of energy! And I began to do exercises that I hadn't done in 40 years. I started with squats and other simple exercises. After a month, I started jumping normally, even with a jump rope.

Then I decided to do a split! I practiced for a month and I did it! I have no pain in my knees. My joints are like new! I am very grateful to my savior.

From the edition:

We found out the name of the man who helped put Maricel Sanchez back on her feet. His name is Jeffrey Alcantara and he is a renowned expert with thirty years of practical experience. We met with Jeffrey Alcantara and he told us about his method of treatment.


Jeffrey Alcantara

He is a renowned expert in the field of joint health and a research scientist. He is well known in scientific circles as a supporter of natural ways to get rid of joint problems. Jeffrey Alcantara believes that the starting point on the road to recovery is to rely on the body's internal reserves, without chemical means or wearing leg bands.

- Mr. Jeffrey Alcantra, tell us more about the method you use.

- We are talking about the ARTEX cream. It is a cream that helps to forget about back pain and joints in the shortest possible time, in just 7 days, and to get rid of serious joint problems in a few months. It is only produced in one private laboratory, and $1.3 million was spent on the development of its composition.

- How does this miracle cream work?

- This is not a miracle, but pure science. The cream is created using a special formula. Nothing is more effective in restoring joint cartilage than herbal ingredients chosen in the right proportion. The cream helps to eliminate joint pain and restore their normal function.

Even one swab is enough to activate more than 930,000 cells directly involved in blood flow. And so it is with every application. This is the basic principle of its work.

- Sounds impressive. Just explain to us what that means for ordinary people?

- This means that medieval medicine is a thing of the past, and you can get rid of joint pain very quickly and at home. ARTEX is not just an ordinary painkiller, it "charges" the body on a cellular level. ARTEX helps to eliminate the cause of pain and return the joints to their original, normal state. Thanks to this remedy not only the symptoms disappear, but also the source of the disease is eliminated, namely degenerative changes in the cartilage of the joint.

From the first day of use of the cream, regeneration of the body begins. Of course, the pain decreases, it is felt immediately. Completely it disappears in just two or three weeks. But most importantly, the product helps to prevent its return in the future!


1. Lack of nutrition of the joints. Destruction of cartilage tissue.
2. Recovery of joint cartilage tissue after 3 weeks of ARTEX use.
3. Recovery of joint cartilage tissue after 4 weeks of ARTEX use.
4. At the end of the course of ARTEX use, the joint is restored.

The x-ray below shows a typical picture of a knee joint reconstruction.


Thanks to ARTEX, you can get rid of pain that has plagued you for years at home in a month or two. ARTEX does not freeze or anesthetize, but "restarts" the body on a cellular level.

- You said that ARTEX can help with joint problems, but where can I buy this cream?


- I am glad to inform you that our country has finally paid attention to this innovative product, and has implemented a program for selling ARTEX at a discounted price with the help of a lottery. Thanks to the discount program, you can now get up to 50% off with the help of the lottery!

But there is one "but". The promotion is valid from to .

- Mr. Jeffrey Alcantra, thank you for the interview! Maybe you have something to say to our readers?

- Yes! Of course. I would like to draw your attention to the large number of fakes. Usually a large number of fakes is a sign that the product is popular and in demand. The popularity of ARTEX leaves no doubt that there will soon be many fakes of this product. I have already encountered several of them, so I encourage everyone to buy ARTEX only from trusted vendors or to participate in a drawing as part of a discount program.

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194 reviews
Marites Reyes
I bought this cream to try to get rid of my joint pain, although I didn't expect much effect. But it helped me personally, so it has become a permanent and irreplaceable part of the familiar first-aid kit.
Jocelyn Garcia
Just a great cream, which helps my joints. I recommend it to anyone with joint problems. Thank you so much!!!
Teresita Flores
Hello, I am 68 years old. I asked my niece to write a review. I am a rural person who has worked in the fields all my life. I worked hard, without a break. When I retired, the effects of hard work began to take their toll. All my joints were hurting: my lumbosacral, hip, knees, ankles. Sometimes, to tell you the truth, I even cried from the pain. There was one case when I stayed for half a day in the yard until my daughter came; I could not stand up on my own after I had tripped and fallen. Specialists at a private clinic prescribed an ointment, which turned out to be completely ineffective. Then I read about this cream in a medical magazine and asked my niece to order online. After all, I do not know how to do it myself. I began to apply it and gradually the pain began to disappear, finally I could walk around the house freely. And after 2 months of using the cream my joints stopped hurting! Thanks to this cream, I returned to my normal lifestyle.
Every time I sit in a chair at work, my back hurts like hell and my joints are swollen and inflamed by the end of the day. I have been using this cream for a month now and the effect is amazing - with each use I feel fresher and after a short time the pain is gone and I can go back to my normal rhythm of life!
The experts told me that at my age it is normal to have painful joints, and it really upset me. How so? I still feel young. For me, the joy of life is in my family, in my garden, in my flowers, and my illness has turned even an ordinary walk to the store on the next street into a terrible ordeal. Pain in my joints, lower back, and intervertebral hernia forced me to give up my usual lifestyle. My back was bent and my joints were swollen. I found the solution to this complicated and unpleasant problem in ARTEX. I applied it on my lower back and knee joints. The result - my back straightened, I began to walk easily and felt no pain. Thanks to the cream I have been walking with my niece for a long time, together we visit various exhibitions and events.
Antonio Gonzales
To be honest, at first I was very skeptical about this cream. But I decided to use it. The result surprised me and did not keep me waiting long. I liked it!
John Espiritu
This summer my joints were giving me unbearable pain. I could hardly walk, I was limping. I could not work in the garden, I blamed myself, I was ashamed to see my wife and daughter doing men's work for me. My wife and I even slept in separate beds, I was afraid that she would accidentally touch my sore feet in her sleep. Soon I had a knot measuring 1.5 cm on the index finger of my right hand. I work as a construction worker. Despite the constant pain, I was stubborn, tried to endure the pain, worked at the construction site - so I wouldn't get fired. When my wife and I learned about this program, we immediately rushed to order the product. After a few days of using the cream, the pain subsided and then the swelling disappeared. Thanks to you I have been living my previous life for a month now. Now I can shake hands with friends, enjoy the harvest that I gather with my family. I am sleeping normally again at night, hugging my wife.
Analyn Ramos
For a long time I have been suffering from joint pain, especially in high humidity, I can't even live. I tried different methods and recipes, but only this cream helped me! After the first use, the pain began to subside! Now I use it regularly.
Roger Ramos
As a driver who drives eight hours a day, this cream really helps me with my back, neck and lower back pain.
My wife has had arthritis and osteoarthritis since 1980, but the pain has not gone away for the last 2 years. Before, I couldn't imagine screaming so much. It was horrible, especially in the middle of the night, when in absolute silence there were screams that made me shiver. The pain, she said, was as if dogs were biting her legs. There was nothing I could do to help her, I just held her hand and calmed her down. She gave herself painkillers and went back to sleep, but after a while it happened again... My wife cried more and more often. The smile had completely disappeared from her face, as if the sun had left our home forever. She also had difficulty moving, her knee joints and tailbone were preventing her from moving. The first night after the first use of the cream passed without a cry. And in the morning my wife cheerfully came up to me and said with a smile: "The pain is gone!" Literally on the sixth day she bought six more replacement creams. And for the first time in two years, I saw my beloved wife happy and smiling. She was flying around the house like a butterfly, in her eyes I saw the joy of life again.
My relative couldn't move her hand or bend fingers after a stroke because of the severe pain. I bought her this cream. The improvement was felt after only a few uses. First, she no longer felt pain in her fingers and could straighten and bend them more easily. Second, her arm, shoulder and elbow began to become mobile. It wasn't long until they recovered.
The cream really saves those who know what pain is. I have been very sick for a year now. Periodically the joints in my legs were so inflamed that I could not stand on my feet, my ankles were swollen, my spine hurt, and the pain spread throughout my body. My hands were swollen and numb. The pain is concentrated in my left hand, tingling in 3 fingers. Massage did not help me, the condition temporarily improved about 10 percent, and then the pain and soreness came back. A friend gave me this cream. The very same day I felt the pain subside. At first I thought it was just an imagination, but when, on the seventh day, the inflammation and pain were completely gone, I realized that it was my salvation!
Edgar Valdez
My knee joints have been hurting lately. At a private clinic I was prescribed a course of injections. My wife convinced me to try this cream. I have been using it for a month and feel much better.
Mary Aquino
With the change of seasons I began to feel pain in my bones. I had to go to a specialist, he recommended ARTEX. I began to apply it as prescribed and after two weeks I noticed that the weather no longer affects my well-being and that my joints are fine. The cream is very good and I will continue to use it.
Rodolfo Mendoza
In March, I damaged my lower back, and for two months I couldn't lie on my back. I slept with 2-3 pillows under my abdomen... In January this cream was prescribed, although I was skeptical about this product. After a month of use I could do almost all acrobatic exercises.
Norma Vergara
I am very satisfied!!! For a year my knees hurt, the experts tried to help me, but then they told me that in the future I would have to change my joints (I also suffer from diabetes, hypertension and many others), so I just walked with a cane. It was unbearably hard for me to go up the stairs, but it was even harder to go down. So, this spring, just out of curiosity (because I didn't believe in anything else), I wrote on a website and described my condition. I got a call, asked a few questions, and was told that they were sure this cream would help me. I started rubbing it on my knees. I felt relief. My knees are fine now, I walk without a cane, no pain at night. Of course, I don't run up and down stairs, but I can move without assistance. I don't know if the pain and problems are gone forever, but TODAY I feel happy and adore the creators of this product! THANK YOU!!! I am not advertising - just sharing the joy !!!
Maria Sarmiento
I suffered from back pain for a very long time. Nothing helped me. And then one specialist recommended this cream. And a miracle happened! This cream helped me a lot!
This is a great cream! It immediately relieves pain when applied to the skin, you can feel its effects immediately, it smells nice, absorbs well, does not leave a greasy sheen and, most importantly, is very effective. I have cervical osteochondrosis. The first time I used it I felt relief, and after one month I forgot all about the pain. I recommend it to everyone!
Ronald dela Peña
I have problems with my back, it hurts all the time. My friends advised my wife to buy this cream. It was a great product. The pain in my back is gone. Now it is my savior.
Marissa Perez
I am happy! I have tried so many remedies, but only this cream had the expected effect! No more pain, the stiffness is gone! I missed the freedom of movement! I will definitely buy it for my husband.
Myrna Vergara
I am 42 years old. Several years ago I had a very bad flu, after which I was hospitalized with complications. One of the complications was an inflammatory process in my joints, especially in my knees. The first signs of arthritis of the knee joint appeared on the X-rays. And I was 39 years old at the time. My knee creaked when I walked and it hurt when I walked up the stairs. I tried many remedies, all helped only partially. But only this cream met all my requirements. It managed to eliminate both creaking and joint pain. The last ultrasound showed nothing. That is why I want to wave a picture with the results in front of the experts who said that the situation will only get worse, but there is no way to improve it. ARTEX is always with me, and I recommend it to everyone. I assure you that it has saved me.
Ariel Tan
Nothing helped for a long time for joint pain. I tried many preparations: pills, gels, and ointments. And everything was in vain. My friend suggested that I order the cream. I thought there was nothing to lose, especially since the price is affordable. I decided to order it. Within a month I had almost forgotten about the suffering and pain. After another month, I had completely forgotten about the pain. I use it regularly and am very satisfied.
Nestor de Vera
My shoulder was hurting and I couldn't lift my arm. A colleague at work had this cream with him. I applied it to my sore shoulder, and after about 40 minutes the pain disappeared. Then I bought this cream just in case, and since then I have never parted with it. If my back or arm hurts, I use ARTEX immediately and the pain goes away.
Адриан Антонов
Рамото ме болеше и не можех да вдигна ръката си. Един колега в работата имаше този крем със себе си, сложих го на рамото си и болката изчезна след около 40 минути. Усещането беше добро. Дори успях да спя по-добре. След това си купих този крем за всеки случай и оттогава никога повече не съм се разделял с него. Ако ме заболи гърбът или ръката, веднага използвам Hondrostring, и болката изчезва.

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